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Aus Recht auf Stadt, Plattform fuer stadtpolitisch Aktive

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Zum Hamburger "Recht auf Stadt" Bündnis wurden 2009 und 2010 Aktualitätenfilme von Feuerloescher TV online veröffentlicht feuerloescher-tv.com

Since 2004 Feuerloescher TV is an open networking, independent, noncommercial tv-project by international artists and activists in Hamburg. We puplish and produce shortfilms and newsreels about the different movements in OUR CITY. We are looking behind the local news of today, yesterday and tomorrow. We are the missing link between the subculture and the internet television against the mainstream media. You can support our open project or simply be a part of it by using Feuerloescher TV for your activities and purposes. Contact us ! You are welcome !

We puplished some videos about the "Recht auf Stadt" Movement on our website http://www.feuerloescher-tv.com:

RaS - Die Parade - der Film Die Ras Touristen Frappant Kein Ikea in Altona Gängeviertel