Kongress 2011/PentarbarfTipps

Aus Recht auf Stadt, Plattform fuer stadtpolitisch Aktive

Tipps zur Anmeldung von Veranstaltungen mit Pentabarf

Deutschsprachige Kurzanleitung zum Ausfüllen des Formulars: Submission_formular_dt.pdf (PDF)

Short description of the submission form for events: Submission_formular_en.pdf (PDF)


The submission tool we use is called Pentabarf. Pentbarf works only with Javascript enabled! It works best with Chrome or Firefox 3.x (see Browser support)

While the access control of Pentabarf ("login") relies on HTTP-Authentication and the "logout" button doesn't logout correctly (sometimes). In this case, just close your browser (and all its instances) and restart if needed.

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