Kongress 2011/Performing the Public

Aus Recht auf Stadt, Plattform fuer stadtpolitisch Aktive

Experiences from China reported by Wu Meng and Zhao Chuan (Grass Stage)
SA 4 June 2011 in: Gängeviertel


Die Kategorien von Privat und Öffentlich, Kunst oder Politik verschieben sich nach China blickend. Was europäisch betrachtet eine öffentliche Gasse ist, entpuppt sich als kollektiver Raum. Was nach symbolischer Kunst aussieht, erweist sich als politisch wie behördliche Reaktionen zeigen. Wu Meng und Zhao Chuan sprechen über diese Aspekte in ihrer Arbeit und diskutieren ihre politisch-künstlerischen Handlungsweisen. NB: 19 Uhr Performance in der Schier's Passage Gängeviertel

When looking towards China categories of what is public or private, artistic or political shift. What appears from a European perspective as a public lane turns out to be a collective space intermediating between the private and the public appropriated by residents. What seems to be symbolical art proves to be highly political as reactions by authorities reveal. Wu Meng and Zhao Chuan (Grass Stage) from Shanghai talk about their work related to theses issues and would like to discuss their artistic-political strategies. Zhao Chuan founder of the grassroots performance group “Grass Stage” will talk about the aim to form a new social theatre movement in China that is encouraging ordinary people to step outside disciplined tracks and get involved. In an environment lacking independent public gatherings Grass Stage puts an emphasis on socialized performance activities and uses various sites in a way that makes the performance stage a place for public gatherings. Wu Meng will speak about her strategy to regain the initiative when her performing at the Expo site in Shanghai was made uneasy by authorities. And she will give an insight in the ongoing film project "Shanghai Youth" that aims to document the struggle for rights of the so called “Educated Youth'. 100.000 'Educated Youth' were sent to Xinjiang from Shanghai during the 1960s to 'cultivate' the region. Back in Shanghai they face since years the fact of alienation, poverty and rightlessness. NB: 7pm Performance in Schier's Passage Gängeviertel.

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Performance by Grass Stage at Schier's Passage on Saturday evening

Thanks to Brett Bloom and Harald Lemke for their contribution to the performance

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