Kongress 2011/Call for Participation

Aus Recht auf Stadt - Plattform fuer stadtpolitisch Aktive
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Right To The City Convention Hamburg 2011

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Everybody talks about urban issues today. Many things are moving. The urban neoliberalism and it's impact on everybody's life in the cities has been successfully criticized in a variety of places and on different levels recently, by continuous community work, by creative and direct actions or larger political campaigns. While such activities prove success, there is a certain awareness by classic media and in some places we could stop or at least slow down urban development projects. But gentrification goes on, rents are increasing faster than ever and processes of segregation are obvious.

That's why we think, we have to strengthen our activities and networks and why we – activists form several cities in Germany – scheduled a "right to the city convention" in Hamburg from June 2nd to 5th 2011. We would like to share and discuss our experiences, varying from city to city, from context to context. We would like to establish new and enhance existing networks of urban activists. Furthermore we would like to discuss methods and reasons of our activities, our tactics and strategies. We would like to leave the meeting rooms and enter the street, to experiment with our forms of practice. All that should result into a laboratory of practice which takes place in different public locations in Hamburg and through discussions about different issues of urban development.

We would like to invite you to join us for further planing and proceedings. Which are the issues and topics, you want to discuss? What are methods and practices we could develop? How can we merge and enhance our different tactics and concepts? We are looking forward to hearing from you, your ideas and proposals.

Prep-committee »Right To The City Convention Hamburg 2011« Contact mailto:stadtkongress2011@buko.info